Welcome to The Exercise Coach - Park Ridge / Niles. We are proud to support our community by fostering healthy lifestyles. We understand that life is busy and demanding, making it difficult to maintain a healthy regiment. Here at The Exercise Coach - Park Ridge / Niles, we are energized to help! Let us introduce our team of Chicago personal trainers!

Kevin Putlak

Coach in Training

B.S. in Exercise Science
Western Michigan University

Michael Kupperman

Franchise Owner /  Head Coach

"My first experience with exercise dates back when I was just 15 years old. For years I tried so many different things on my body, wasting hours of my life. I sustained silly injuries due to lack of guidance and misinformation that proliferates our television, gyms, reading materials and more recently...the internet. The Exercise Coach has helped me redefine exercise as a vehicle to optimal health, with safety, efficiency, and effectiveness as its cornerstones. I am proud to be a crusader in the fight against father time.”

Anthony Marti


"I feel that my job gives me an excellent opportunity to really help people not only transform their bodies but also their minds. From personal experience with my own training sessions, I feel every second of my workout is taken full advantage of and my time is truly utilized. Our unique technology has allowed me to do certain exercises and workouts that I was always quick to dismiss because of discomfort that I felt while using conventional workout equipment. I look forward to sharing my passion about what Exercise Coach has done for me with each person that walks through the door."

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